Monday, December 29, 2008

Court date!

Praise the Lord! We just received news that our court date in Ethiopia has been set for February 3rd! We all just did a happy dance in our kitchen (after I got done screaming for David to come in and read the e-mail with me!!! tee... hee...)!!!

What happens next? Our agency represents us in Ethiopia at our court date... once the judge finalizes the adoption we travel within 3 to 6 weeks to finally have our baby girl in our arms.

Prayer request: That all the paperwork and anything that is required for the case to pass court is in place by February 3rd and that the judge indeed passes us on the first go around! And, continue to pray for our precious one as she continues to grow and develop!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Reflections on 2008

Christmas Eve 2008:

What a miraculous year this has been! While I sit here listening to the snow finally begin to melt (we've had over 29 inches fall in the last 1 1/2 weeks!) I'm struck at how God has moved in our family's lives this year... how His timing never failed us... how His provision was always perfect. Indeed, this past summer, we had tensions of selling our home and buying our new home in a declining economy, all the "what-ifs" and "when's" of an international adoption, and the daily loving and training of a wonderful toddler! But, God, through His grace, took us in His arms and carried us as only He can.

When we would get just a "wee overstressed" this past summer, David would dream and pray about Christmas. He envisioned us in our new home, our old house sold (though he never expected a simultaneous close!!! Praise the Lord), sitting by the fire watching the snow fall (really, though, we didn't need over 2 feet of it!!!) with our precious baby girl in our arms. At the time, I giggled at his childlike faith... I love how he forever trusts in his Abba (Daddy) Father. Well... God is indeed faithful to give us our hearts desires... Yes, at this time we are only blessed to hold a picture of our precious one in our hands, but she indeed is here in our hearts and a part of our lives daily. We all long to have her home. Baby girl, it will be soon! Micah reminds us that "God has a timer and He knows."

December 11, 2008: An update!
We received an update on our precious little one today! While again, we can't share much... she has been healthy!!!... (Thank you Jesus!!!) and they report she is "a smiley one". Oh how we love hearing that news!

We continue to wait for a court date. Please pray that indeed this will come soon!

November 5, 2008: It's a girl!!!
We are overjoyed looking into the eyes of the 2-month old beautiful baby referred to us today! We can't share much at this time, besides our complete excitement and joy in seeing God's hand move to bring our family together!

Next step: We will receive a court date in Ethiopia at which our agency will represent us. Once the Ethiopian court has approved the adoption, an Embassy appointment will be set and we will be approved for travel!

Please pray that we will receive a court date soon... that this precious baby may grow and thrive in the loving hands of Holt's nannies... and that our hearts will be at peace until we have this blessing in our arms! What joy!!!