Friday, January 2, 2009


Ok, so it's not THE quilt you've all been waiting for... we're still trying to gather about 10 more squares to reach 100!!!... but I wanted to make something for our baby girl... something that we could take with us to Ethiopia one day very soon and keep her wrapped up in it through the transition home!

Here is just a snippet of it being enjoyed by Micah's "Baby Shani"...

This was a fun project for me... I'm not sure what I enjoyed the most... the quiet time alone (knowing "my boys" were having a ball together eating and playing at Out of This World Pizza! and also working on Potty Training (yippee!!!) which I've determined that only two dudes can really appreciate!); joyfully crying as I thought of all the things to come having our daughter in our home, the long journey we've been on to bring her home, and the millions of thoughts of when it will all finally take place; or was it the memories of two wonderful women who have shaped my life that filled me with the most joy as I laughed to myself (and sometimes outloud) when my "perfect" 4 1/2 inch squares somehow turned into rectangles, when yet another "square" of four squares simply didn't line up, when I tore out yet another seam... :)

You see, I experienced one of those times, where you suddenly become thankful and truly appreciative for the gifts God has given others and which you in turn have then been blessed BY! My Grandma Lois and my mom Michelle are simply amazing seamstresses. You name it, they have likely sewed it... and to a beautiful perfection! Growing up, I was blessed with the most beautiful home-made Christmas and Easter dresses... and my family of Cabbage Patch kids had a wardrobe that was simply unbelievable! Sitting down at my sewing machine I was simply flooded by their example in my life. Not just of sewing (which is one of the least of things passed down to me!!! I was simply too much of a Daddy's girl that loved to do "guy stuff!" to sit down and learn to sew!)... but the beautiful legacy of what it means to be a role model to your children... to provide love and warmth, safety and guidance, nurturing and self-sacrificing. Thank you Mom & Grandma!!!

While my quilt isn't "perfect"... I'm reminded that God's love is. And, just as I long to wrap my arms around our baby girl in the warmth of this blanket, I take comfort knowing she is already in His hands, lovingly touched by His presence every day.