Sunday, July 26, 2009

Adventure Day!

We took our first "REAL" hike as a family yesterday! We explored a bit of the Tillamook National Forest and found some awesome campgrounds and trails to explore! Micah was a TROOPER! 1 hour uphill with only 2 stops for snacks! Not bad little buddy! :)

Shani, of course, rode in style!!! And was all smiles! She's an outdoor girl just like our boy!

Once we made it back down the trail, we conquered a STEEP embankment and found the COOLEST swimming hole! We weren't prepared for getting wet... but we are quickly learning that to a 3 1/2 year old... whatever clothes you have on... WORK!!!
What is that you are holding Micah? Hmm.... take a guess... and scroll down...

The big AWESOME surprise of our adventure was finding a massive population of pollywogs! Pure delight for Micah!!!!

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