Thursday, March 18, 2010

It's fun bein' green!!!

For St. Patrick's Day, Micah and Teddy (his bring-home-friend from pre-school) had a science experiment with food coloring. A few drops here, a few drops there... and wallah! 6 different colors of cake batter. Then Mommy sent them off to nap (otherwise known as "cuddle time") and when they "woke up"... they were excited to find rainbow cupcakes and a special message...

Remember: "Jesus is the real Pot of Gold at the end of the rainbow."

And the surprises continued at dinner... to Micah's delight nearly everything was GREEN, his favorite color! Green milk, green applesauce, green rice (Mommy HOW did you DO that?), and chicken with green sauce!

We finished the day with a walk to the park (where the yummy rainbow cupcakes were inhaled... I mean "eaten") and then watched the short Veggie Tale clip of St. Patrick and his lessons on the Trinity with the Shamrock.
Such a fun day with our preschooler... who also, thanks to a vivid imagination, made sure that we all wore green so as to not be pinched by miniscule leprechauns that were supposedly hiding in our carpet! Love that boy!

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