Tuesday, April 5, 2011

SPARE CHANGE!!! YOU changed children's lives!

25 families joined us in collecting spare change (and/or donating during our SPARE CHANGE campaign!)! We launched the campaign in honor of our sweet baby girl's first birthday... While we missed having her with us... it was precious to see children bringing in their piggy banks to share with the children of Ethiopia!

We were excited to receive BAGS of coins on our front door;

checks in the mail from Oregon, Washington & Iowa;

on-line donations from Oregon, California, Colorado & New Mexico!

And... the final result? Over $900!!!!

And now... for the winners!!!! You can only win once (so everyone has a chance to win!!!)

Most combined: The Skeele Family... a huge bag of coins: $117.48... you win a t-shirt & chocolate!

Most quarters: The Moss Family... 124... you win a t-shirt!

Most dimes: The Durbin Family... 442... you win a t-shirt!

Most nickels: The Corrigan Family... 108... you win chocolate!

Most pennies: The Schneider Family... 492... you win chocolate!

Thank you to EVERYONE who donated. YOU made a difference... and touched our hearts and our son's heart as he saw the coins add up... and more and more children "fed"! :)

Once again, stay tuned for the next EXCITING fundraising campaign!


  1. WOW, so exciting! So grateful to be working alongside you in this project... :)