Tuesday, November 1, 2011


October 31st, 2011 marked the begininng of a new family tradition!

The Parents...
aka Mickey Mouse & Mouseketeer

The Young...

Peter Pan!


Wee Little Miss Captain Hook!

The night's activities included:
2 crafts,
a game,
a candy hunt,
and yummy, yummy food!

The first craft was creating Happy Apples...
one for each member of the family, in the style of each member for sure!

2nd activity... making tiny caramel apples to have for dessert later!

3rd activity... while Mommy was inside making dinner...
Mickey Mouse and the kiddos were outside collecting leaves
to make Happy Leaves of course!

What's for dinner?
Flap Jack'o Lantern Pancakes (pumpkin pancakes with white chocolate faces)

& Mighty Apple chompers...

After dinner, the fun continued! 
Nothing like a game of Falling Leaves (dropping foam leaves from the balcony down to see if they can be caught by the person below!) to get the kiddos excited!

And finally, it was time for the Apple Picking (candy) Hunt.  Our kids love hunting for Easter Eggs... so we turned trick-or-treating into a bit of a hunt in their rooms upstairs.  They were delighted to find boxes of candy hidden under red apple cut-outs hidden in their rooms!

Time for dessert! 
How mini were the "caramel" apples (granny smith apples dipped in melted butterscotch chips and rolled in sprinkles... yummy)? ...
See for yourself!
For some of us, they were bite-size... others... just the perfect size!

Fun was definitely had by all!

Did our kiddos miss out on "trick or treating"? 
In the traditional sense... yes.

But, having our son exclaim (without prompting),
"This is the BEST night ever!"
We think that the first HAPPY festival was a hit!

P.S.  Yes, the "Candy Fairies" still did come in the night... replacing the piles of candy they gathered throughout the night... with golden dollars!  Ok... they replaced all except for the Junior Mints... which Peter Pan asked in a nicely written note that they please leave for him! ;)


  1. Love all your pictures!!! Looks like a ton of fun!

  2. Shana - YOU ARE AMAZING!!! Happy Day - for sure!!! You are so very, very creative!!!! Good job Mommy!

  3. You win..hands down! That sounded fabulous!!!