Wednesday, February 4, 2009

It's Official!

Our sweet baby girl is legally ours! Jumping for joy? You bet!

We received the call from Holt today while I was in story-time at the library with Micah! I gave the librarian an "I HAVE TO GET THIS!!!" look and ran off to answer it! They said that we passed court and I had to contain all of my emotions! Imagine that! It was WONDERFULLY painful! :) tee... hee... God is SO good and has such a sense of humor! (By the way, the librarian was DELIGHTED with the news... and why not? She was the FIRST to know! tee... hee...)

They said that paperwork is a bit backed up right now, so it may be at least week before we know our travel dates (these are dependent upon when our Embassy appointment is set in Ethiopia). We are just so thrilled that our precious baby girl is truly ours now! Thank you Jesus! Praise the Lord!

Thank you for all of your prayers and loving inquiries! It's time for thanksgiving and a celebration!!!!


  1. Shana-
    We are so excited for you guys. Hopefully travel will be VERY soon...and maybe you can hug our little baby girl too!
    Blessings from the DeAndreas

  2. Shana and Family!

    Congratulations again. Hoping for a speedy travel call for you!