Wednesday, April 29, 2009

8 months old and...

What a big month this has been! Shani is doing great and continuing to transition wonderfully into our family!

This month's highlights for her include:

Rolling over from tummy to back!

Eating solid foods! (And growing like crazy!!!)

Sitting up and playing!!!!

And her first tooth is coming in, so this may be the last of the gummy smiles! Oh... sad.... that went TOO fast!!!

Big Brother Micah had his own share of milestones!!! His first trip to Disneyland with Daddy! Wow! Now that's a Boy's Adventure!!!!
And his first fishing trip with Grammie and Papa O. at a wonderful stocked lake newar our home... AWESOME for toddlers and newbies...
Look at the concentration... (on all our faces!!! tee... hee...)

Ahh!!! The CATCH!

And... Every BOYS dream... salamanders! Micah had SO much fun catching these with a net and his bare hands... and he loved showing (scaring) his sweet mommy as well!!!
Yeah Big Brother! You are a great fisher-dude!!!

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