Wednesday, May 13, 2009

May Birthday Bashes!

Great Grandpa turned 97 on May 3rd! What a blessing to be able to share yet another b-day with him! Look at these smiles... I remember thinking that his grandchildren (ie. me, my sister & cousin) were his joy... hmm... I think we've been replaced by his GREAT-grandchildren! tee... hee...

I just can't help but think how when Grandpa was born in 1912 his parents probably never imagined that the family line would include this precious girl! God is so faithful to make our families!
Mommy (that's me) turned 28 (AGAIN... tee... hee...) on the 8th... and had fun making cupcakes and a cake with my little buddy Micah! He got to decorate the cake all on his own... it had a nice hole in the middle... but it is amazing how a "little" frosting can fix any boo-boo!!!

And... we celebrated in style at Out of This World Pizza with Daddy & the kiddos! What a wonderful place to be a kid (and a kid-at-heart!!!)

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