Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Blessings of Mother's Day!

The girls started celebrating Mother's Day on Saturday at a Teddy Bear Picnic Tea at church with Great Grandma, Grammie, Great Auntie Dodo, Mommy & Shani! Shani was escorted to the tea by Pookie Bear (Mommy's special teddy bear from Daddy that he gave her when he proposed over 5 years ago!)

Mommy's Day on Sunday was a special family day that started with a yummy meal made by Micah and Daddy while Mommy and Shani worked on getting pretty for the day...

Baby doll you are drooling too... are you getting teeth like me?

Funny girl!!!!

After breakfast we took a few pics outside before church... Shani tells good stories, doesn't she Micah? :)

During nap-time Daddy and I put together a special Mommy's Day present for the family to enjoy!

Welcome to Fort Rock!

Look! A perfect fit! :)

Ok... maybe the kiddos fit a bit better!

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