Thursday, October 14, 2010

Leavin' on a jet plane!

Ok... not yet! (How about in 46 days????) God has blessed us with a court date of December 3rd! We are so excited to be traveling with another local family and 5 other families from our agency! We plan to have a party in Frankfurt where we all seem to be landing before our last leg to Addis.

What a journey we are on. Even having "been there/done that", I still can't imagine what it will be like to meet our sweet daughter, to hold her in our arms, to stand before a judge and say "Yes!!!", and then leave our sweet love behind as the paperwork is completed. God has made my heart so "soft" and yet... He is making it "strong" through these adoption journeys. A strong, soft heart... but still not a patient one!... tee... hee...

It's been an incredible week on the adoption front! Friends from across the nation have received referrals, court dates, updates on court decrees. And, so tender to our heart was a referral to our very good friends who live in our same small town. We've determined our baby girls will be BFF and we may just have to dress them as twins! tee... hee... Thank you God for blessing us with families to process this journey together.

It's also been a heart-warming week. We were lovingly surprised by a beautiful couple who donated a huge box of donations for the children of Ethiopia! I posted our thankfulness on Facebook and friends across the nation have responded wanting to help as well... friends I haven't seen since highschool, friends in New York, Arizona... local friends! What a sweet blessing to see His children stand up to take care of His children! We are so thankful for the generous hearts and kindness we have witnessed this week!

And now... for a touch of lightheartedness...

This is a "classic" Reece family shot... you simply couldn't capture us any more "real" than this!

Beautiful 2-year-old princess!

Crazy hair night at AWANA's... my bug boy went all out with a super cool "do"! :)


  1. woohoo!!!! Hoping those 46 days will fly by!

  2. Hi There,
    I met you at a birthday party in McMinnville for Temeskgen! I am friends with Kristen. We also have a December 3 court date- small world! Congrats to you, and maybe we'll see you over there!