Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Finally! The Referral Post... Labor Emotions Involved!!!

Every adoptive family has their own story re: "the call". Here is ours!
August 2nd, 2010 -"The Call!" came at just before 3:00 pm!
We were given the referral of a 5-month baby girl!
Hubby receives the next call... it's time to come home... we're in labor!!!
And indeed it was!!!....

Here I am... laptop in hand... ready to see the pictures of our baby girl!

Time picture taken: 4:23 PM (Time elapsed: 1 hour 23 minutes)

(I had already exercised GREAT patience waiting for hubby to come home!)...

Ok... we are hidden away in the nursery...

Kiddos are watching Dora downstairs... here we go!

Time picture taken: 4:24 PM (Time elapsed: 1 hour 24 minutes)

Hmm... no e-mail... WHAT! It's been an hour and a half since the call...

Hit REFRESH a thousand times... (my poor laptop)...

and call our sweet social worker a hundred times...

Her outbox shows the e-mail is on it's way.... Cyberspace show me my baby!!!!

Time picture taken: 4:32 pm (Time elapsed... 1 hour 32 minutes)

At this point, I thought I may very well lose my mind!

The reality is... something is not working right...

We later find out that the files were HUGE and our sweet social worker, once she had commuted home, broke down the HUGE file into many small e-mails...

In the mean-time, Dora is done, the kiddos need food and I still haven't seen my baby!!!

Time picture taken: 4:55 PM (Time Elapsed... 1 hour 55 minutes)

Dinner is done, hit REFRESH one more time... FINALLY, the e-mails start showing up!!!

We retreat back to the nursery while leaving our kiddos in the capable hands of Veggie Tales this time...

Time picture taken: 6:56 PM (Time Elapsed... 3 hours 56 minutes)

Our sweet girl!
We see your big, beautiful eyes!!!
Your pouty lips and kissable cheeks!
We are in love!
You were so worth the wait!


  1. congrats!!!! what a wait to see that face!

  2. You make me want to write about OUR referral call!! I never shared, but it was just about that crazy!! So happy you have her to stare at now. Hugs to you friend!