Tuesday, January 25, 2011

What's Next?... Adami Tulu!!!

Our last blog post ended with these words:

"God, what plans do you have for us next?"

In reality, this has been a prayer item for us through each major (and minor) journey that He has set our feet upon. When we were asking this question, when we said "next" we were thinking... after our adoption is complete and our family is finally all together!

Ever since our first trip to Ethiopia in February of 2008, Ethiopia has become a signicant part of our lives. Not only have we been blessed with an incredible daughter, we have been blessed by her precious heritage. We fell in love with the people, the amazing history, the land...

And yet, as we traveled back to Ethiopia in December of 2010, we prayed that God would open our eyes and hearts in a new way. For years our hearts have been burdened by the sheer statistics of orphans in our world. There is, in fact, a global orphan crisis. But, what would He have us do? One by one we see families being blessed by God uniting them together with sweet children as "Forever Families"... and we long to advocate for the miraculous beauty of adoption, both domestically and internationally. Our family has been twice-blessed now by adoption, but how else could we make a difference?

Our prayer was that God would lead us to an organization that provided for three key areas: physical, spiritual, and educational well-being for orphans and vulnerable children. And a "bonus" would be one where we could stand side-by-side other adoptive families and perhaps one day become involved with our hands and feet (in addition to financially).

God has answered our prayers and we are so excited that God has clearly showed us what he has for us "next"! (Funny... His timing was not for us to have our adoption complete and our baby girl home in our arms... rather to go forward now... as His children need us now... not just once things are "nice and tidy"!)

Without further adieu, we'd like to introduce you to the Adami Tulu Project through Lifesong for Orphans! This is a project that meets our prayer areas perfectly... meeting the physical, spiritual, and educational needs of orphans and vulnerable children in Ethiopia! And, YES!, God gave us our "bonus" request... as we are partnering with at least three other adoptive families at this time! He is GOOD! Aaron & Casey Klein, Holt International adoptive parents, are spear-heading these efforts and we are thrilled to join them.

In short, this is an opportunity to raise funds to build and expand a Christian school in a primarily Muslim area just about 100 miles south of the capital city of Addis Ababa. David and I are thrilled that on our next trip to bring our baby girl home, we will actually be driving by this village on our trip back to Addis from Durame! Not only do these precious children receive a strong faith-based education, they are provided 2 nutritious meals every school day!

Our team's goal is to raise the entire $35,000 needed for the project. David and I have committed to being one of seven couples aiming to raise $7,000 each for the project. Some will raise more... some less... but together we are working to make a difference.

Are you interested?

Will you join us?

Is God calling you to help look after His children? How will you answer?

Need more information?

Click here for more detailed information on the Adami Tulu Project!


Click here to learn more about Lifesong for Orphans...


CLICK HERE to help make the first donations to get our fundraising effort started!

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  1. Love your blog post and we're so excited to be fellow team members with you for this exciting project! Thanks for your bold willingness to do revolutionary things for the fatherless. :)